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Berloo, Rob van (1964)  


hal gemeentehuis, Bennebroek


Geschonken door woningvereniging Randstad.

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I was a little woerird about buying this product because for some reason there are no reviews on it anywhere on the internet not on amazon, not music123, musicians friend, or guitar center. However after looking at the product descriptions on the sites just mentioned I realized that this dvd/book course is actually the combined courses of two earlier blues dvds, level 1 and level 2, also by house of blues. That makes this a great buy because the original lesson 1 sells for 20 bucks, and this is a combo of 1 and 2 selling for the same exact price! The teacher, John McCarthy is pretty skilled and easy to learn from. I like the way the lessons progress, they are easy to follow and always interesting. The camera work is good, its always kept so that you can very clearly see what McCarthy is doing. He usually shows things a couple of times slowly and then will do it once or twice at full speed which is nice because you're not constantly rewinding. One thing that I wasn't expecting to get from this course was a huge library of online backing tracks. Whenever you sign up online you get a couple of extra features such as additional resources that deal with the book (which are fairly minimal, but that's fine, the book has enough in it already), online forums, access to backing tracks and more. My favorite part is the access to backing tracks, which as it turns out you don't just get the backing tracks for this product but every other house of blues, and rock house production as well. That's a whole lot of backing tracks folks, and they can be fairly expensive themselves, so to find a pretty big lot of them for free, I was excited. Note, they aren't all blues tracks, most are going to be rock, and a couple are metal, but still it's a very nice resource to have. They are downloadable as well as streamable, so you can do what you want with them put them on your ipod, or burn them to a cd. Anyways, on to my actual playing progress. I've had this for just a couple of days and have learned some pretty cool riffs and some neat soloing techniques as well as some rhythm stuff. I will admit that I'm no where near finishing the course, but if the rest is as good as it has been up to this point its absolutely a great buy, It has made my playing in just a couple days a little more soulful. At just 20 bucks, its not much of an investment, so I definitely recommend it, if nothing else just the backing tracks make it worth the price of admission.