Reliëf Prins Bernhardbrug

Titel Kunstwerk:

Reliëf Prins Bernhardbrug



Naam Kunstenaar:

Veldheer, J.M. (1892-1987)  

Soort Kunstwerk:



Prins Bernhardbrug over de spoorlijn Haarlem-Zandvoort aan de Brouwerskolkweg, Overveen


Gemeente Bloemendaal  


Ter gelegenheid van de verloving van prinses Juliana en prins Bernhard.

Omschrijving Kunstwerk

Beeldhouwwerk op de brug over de spoorlijn Haarlem-Zandvoort. De brug is vernoemd naar prins Bernhard, die zich in 1936 verloofde met prinses Juliana.

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Thanks for a very comprehensive and, as usual, well-written arlcite James. And thank you and Simon for your tremendous contribution towards educating and rousing the American public to intelligently redress the grievous wrongdoing of the financial oligarchy. Your work is instrumental in rescuing the traditional American values of fairness, honesty, and equality of opportunity and in resurrecting a central mission of American government which is to protect and empower its citizens.Regarding the battle of ideas, which I agree is really where the long-term battle must be won, I suggest that readers of this blog take a look at the work of cognitive linguist George Lakoff. Lakoff, in studying political language through the lenses of neuroscience and linguistics, has, to my satisfaction at least, explained how Conservatives have managed to control the political debate for the past 30 years. Even better than that, he provides examples of how average people, as well as people with a wider platform of influence, can reframe the way they speak about issues so as to ignite latent progressive leanings in those people who have both progressive and conservative tendencies. Lakoff estimates that these people number about a third of the American public. Lakoff's ideas are briefly outlined in Don't Think of an Elephant and more fully explaned in The Political Mind and other works. In addition, there are plenty of his lectures on YouTube. Conservatives have organized themselves, funded their think tanks, endowed university chairs, lined up their politicians, like ducks, around talking points, and gotten their pundits all over the media mouthing phrases that very smart messaging consultants, like Frank Luntz, have created and that have been adopted as the way to speak by the media about many issues.Democrats repeat the same phrases in rebutting these ideas, which only strengthens their power and further engraves them in the brains of the public. It's neurocognitive folly!!James, you sum up your arlcite by saying that we need to shift the conventional wisdom. I think Lakoff's work sheds invaluable light on how to do just that. I only hope that people with bully pulpits, as well as those of in in the grassroots start, as soon as possible, to check out and apply, his ideas.